Nomin insurance

2001  - Founded and obtained special license certificate
2002  - Participated in automobile assessment and started rendering driver's insurance services
2003  - Opened a branch for International travel insurance
2003  - For the first time launched comprehensive insurance services into Mongolian insurance market
2004  - Opened its first branches in Darkhan and Erdenet cities
2005  - Started selling index based livestock insurance implemented by World Bank and Government of Mongolia
2005  - Opened branches in Tuv, Bulgan and Uvurkhangai provinces
2006  - Opened branches in Khentii8 Khuvsgul and Sukhbaatar provinces
2007  - Opened branches in Dundgovi, Dornod, Dornogovi provinces 
2007  - Began cooperation with international reinsurance oorganization Swiss Re
2008  - Opened branches in Arkhangai, Selenge, Gobi-Altai and Gobi Sumber provinces 
2008  - Launched 24 hour call service
2009  - Opened a branch in Umnugobi province
2009  - Launched insurance registration program
2010  - Qualified for Capacity development for Micro-Insurance Market project co-run by United Nations Development Program and Financial Regulatory Commission 
2011  - Opened branches in Uvs, Bayan-Ulgii and Zavkhan provinces
2011  - Opened branches in Bagakhangai, Baganuur districts and opened insurance agencies in Tsogttsetsii soum of Umnugobi province
2012  - Began following mandatory driver's liability insurance law
2012  - Signed reinsurance treaty agreement
2012  - Launched banking intermediary services
2012  - Began organizing one day event for insurance
2013  - Qualified for Sustainable insurance project co-run by United Nations Population Fund and Financial Regulatory Commission
2013  - Opened financial services centers
2014  - Opened a branch at State-Department Store
2016  - Integrated ERP system with our operation Implemented successfully ISO:9001 quality management system, OHSAS:18001 or occupational health and safety management system, ISO:14001 or environmental management system 


  • Leader in reserve growth
  • Capable of shouldering any large risks
  • Insurance premium is flexible and tied with risks. Flexible insurance premium tied to the level of risks.
  • Branches available in all provinces of Mongolia
  • Professional personnel with many years of experience 
  • Settles insurance claims promptly and in short period.
  • Variety of additional services and bonuses.
  • 24 hour call service

Award and recognition:

2003  - Selected as a TOP BRAND in service
2004  - Awarded with recognition of COSTUMER AS A KING ORGANIZATION
2007  - Selected as one of MONGOLIAN NATIONAL TOP SERVICES be Mongolian national best service selection association for its comprehensive insurance service and awarded with Ulemjiin chanar acknowledgement
2008  - Selected as one of the TOP 3 insurance companies of Mongolia
2009  - Selected as BEST INSURANCE COMPANY for its activities and services
2010  - Selected as TOP INSURANCE COMPANY by Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
2012  - Selected as TOP INSURANCE COMPANY from Grand expo of Mongolian Marketing Management Institution
2013  - Selected as LEADING CLAIMS SETTLEMENT COMPANY according to FRC indicators
2015  - Selected as a GRAND EXPO 2015 TOP INSURANCE COMPANY