“Nomin Insurance” LLC has become esteemed company with permanent customer base in Mongolia through its sustainable operation in Mongolian insurance industry resulting from its excellent management and coherent team of professionals with common goal.

We work towards long term cooperation with public and non public entities and foreign and domestic companies and citizens. Our priority is to launch products and services which have flexible terms and meet customers’ needs and provide comprehensive professional insurance services to our customers in timely manner. 


To be leading insurance company in Mongolian insurance market through provision of professional insurance services and products which meet the needs of customers, and fulfillment of our social duties. 


Бидний зорилго

    · To promote the significance and value of insurance to every citizens of Mongolia

    · To offer insurance services according to international standards. 

    · To provide comprehensive risk management services to every customers


    · To provide quality insurance services promptly and pay attention to the customers’ satisfaction

    · To provide equal opportunities to customers and run its business transparently according to law.

    · To heed the needs of the insured and work out a solution quickly.

    · To be trusted partner to our customers and provide innovative products and services

 Human resources

“Nomin Insurance” LLC has about 80 full time employees and about 200 agents and provides all types of products and services of commercial insurance to every corner of Mongolia. About 50 percent of all employees has profession of insurance economist and, trained and experienced employees show that the company is fully provided with professional and capable personnel.
We operate with adherence to the policy of creating professional insurance personnel by focusing on the knowledge and skills of employees and providing them with foreign and domestic training and seminars


As a result of “Nomin insurance” LLC’s objective of reaching every citizens with its products and services since its operation in insurance market, we are providing products and services through head office, two branches and 2 insurance agents and 7 financial services centers in Ulaanbaatar and 19 branches in local area.

Further we will keep this objective and will always seek opportunities to increase the number of branches and agents in order to get closer to customers.